Where to get Hair extensions and braiding services in Oswestry?

The small market town of Oswestry is located on the Wales and English border.  Nashe hair is directly South of Oswestry and easy to travel too with car or bus.  Travelling time to Nashe Hair is about 15 minutes by car.

There are a good number of hair extension services in Oswestry town centre.  You might already be acquainted with a couple of the hair salons that offer this service?

Major Extensions is a very popular salon to offer this type of service.  Two other extension salons in the town of Oswestry that you may know about are.

  • Hair Quarterz Ltd
  • Hi Style Salon

I offer an alternative mobile Hair extensions service that may interest you for future appointments especially due to the current risks and social distancing.   Customers seem to prefer the personal tailored service where you visit me or I visit you.

Contact me here for booking information

See the Extensions page for more information about the types I can offer you!



Oswestry to Nashe Hair location details