Viking Braids

Nashe Hair Viking Hairstyle - Bring out the Nordic Warrior in you!

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Ragner Braids

The TV Show

On the show ‘Vikings’, Ragnar’s signature look sporting a rugged beard and his hair cut in an undercut with a long, braided hairstyle has become a popular style for men of the show as well as those who don’t watch it!  Ragnar also sports shorter haircuts in the show, which we will also go over as well.

Viking Hair Braids is trending for men in 2021 and I have many male customers requesting for me to braid their hair in the style of Ragnar from Vikings!

  • Lucy (NasheHair)

The main feature of Ragnar’s hairstyle would have to be the undercut on the sides and back.

This means it is shaved all the way up to where the long hair on top starts, with no blending (disconnection).
Just Blunt, Start/Stop.

This is what gives the hairstyle it’s tough, Viking-type look.

Before attending for braids, any hair cutting will need to be completed.

vikings hairstyle like in the tv series 'the vikings'

Preparation before arriving

Clean untangled hair and for the styles in these images, sides shaved already (see below for more details or contact me with questions)

What do I require?

The length at the top is the most important aspect of Ragnar's Top-Knot hairstyle.  Since the sides are shaved anyway, whether you braid it like Ragnar or not, the length on top is crucial.

Alternatively, if you want this top style but don't have the length, I can use hair extensions to increase the length!

What do I require of my Barber?

The simplest option is to show your barber pictures of the theme, but make sure you understand the ‘specifics':

1. Sides and back are undercut (Skin, Zero or 0.5)

2. Unless it needs to be trimmed, the top left long (untouched)

3. Keep in mind that your top hair might be too short to apply hair extensions; if you're not sure, it's best to talk to me first and provide me with pictures of your current hairstyle before doing any preparation.