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The term Hair braiding is used on my site to describe a number of different hair styles that involve twisting and plaiting your hair.

When customers ask for braids then what they usually are referring too are Box braids as shown in the photo.  I offer Fine, Thin, Medium and Thick sizes of Box Braids.  The photo shows the range of sizes and thin will take much longer and is more expensive than medium and thick. 

Customers in general go for Medium box braids to cut the time it takes and to get a good braiding effect.

adult and kids box braids, where I plait your hair for you

Other Braiding Hairstyles

Viking Braids

Trending Male Hairstyle - Viking Braids


Another will known style where your hair is twisted rather than plaited.

Ghana braids

A Different type of braids of you want a unique style.

Knotless Braids

What is the difference between knotless braids and normal box braids?

Knotless braiding is when your natural hair is braided without hair extensions and then the synthetic hair is gradually introduced.  Known to protect natural hair and prevent a sore scalp.

Not recommended for short or fine hair there can be issues with the braids slipping and falling out so I recommend the traditional method for fine, short and soft hair.

And please note - I never heard of problems after box braiding customers hair.

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