“I believe your hairstyle is a reflection of who you are.  Show the world your style, beauty and grace”

Lucy trained with one of the top hair braiding specialists in the UK in early 2017 since then Lucy has been addicted to learning as much as she can about braiding and hair treatments.

“Braiding is in my blood, I grew up in Africa watching my family braid hair from a young age”

Lucy is fully certified by HABIA CPD. Habia is recognised by the government as the Standards Setting Body for the hair and beauty industries and plays an essential role in maintaining and improving professionalism within them.

“Braids not only give you a new look they can aid in hair growth and reduce hair damage”

In fact any technique used to hold hair together will protect hair strands from tangling and friction damage.  Braids, cornrows, plaits are a perfect way to look great and keep your hair safe at the same time.

Warning Be sure to seek a professionally trained hair braider because hair braids that are too tight and are painful will cause hair breakage.